About Us

Our Business

Pizza Hut Delivery is a wholly owned subsidiary of YUM!, the world’s largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants, with more than 37,000 restaurants in over 110 countries and territories with more than 1 million associates. It is also one of the world’s largest franchisors with roughly three quarters of the c13,000 Pizza Huts around the world being franchise owned.

Pizza Hut Delivery opened its first UK store in 1988, and its first franchised store in early 2001. It now consists of almost 350 units across England, Scotland and Wales and is continuously growing.

Pizza Hut in the UK and Ireland

Pizza Hut was introduced to the UK in 1973 in Islington, London. The first Delivery unit opened in Kingsbury in 1988. Today there are over 650 Restaurant and Delivery units in the UK.

In December 2012 YUM! Restaurants International took the decision to sell the Restaurant side of the UK business and focus their efforts in driving the delivery business forward by a period of rapid expansion. Pizza Hut Delivery currently have over 300 stores in the UK with expectations to increase this number to over 700 units.

Social Responsibility

Pizza Hut takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. We believe in taking positive action to care for our people and our planet, rather than leaving it to others to make a difference.

We put this principle into practice through our various environmental programmes. For example, whenever we buy food or other supplies, we not only insist on superb quality, but also insist they come from suppliers who are fair to their workers and respect the environment.

A minimum of 70% of our pizza box is made from recycled cardboard. The other 20-30% is the part that comes into contact with the food, which is not allowed to be made from recycled paper – but is produced from responsibly managed forests. We constantly strive to improve our waste management processes and energy efficiency.

And we pride ourselves with the work we do for and with charities at home and abroad, in particular Children in Need and The World Food Programme.