Case Study: Jon & Jamie Osborne

Brothers in business: From Camp America to successful Pizza Hut Delivery franchisees.

Brothers Jon and Jamie have gone from being Camp America seasonal workers, to running their own successful Pizza Hut Delivery franchise business, in under 10 years.

“When we returned from a gap year working at Camp America over 10 years ago, we sort of ‘fell into’ the pizza business”,they recall.

“We worked on the shop floor of delivery units for one of Pizza Hut Delivery’s main competitors for over seven years. We saw how well some of the franchise owners were doing, and slowly realised we wanted to ‘be our own boss’ and give it a go ourselves.”

Although they worked for a competitor, getting to know the industry so well meant that Jon and Jamie knew they wanted to work with Pizza Hut Delivery when it came to owning their own franchise.

“We just knew how strong the Pizza Hut Delivery franchise business is, and with such a strong brand the company was without a doubt our number one choice.”

The brothers approached the brand in 2007 about opening a franchise business and already had their sights set on where they would like to open a business – in Worcester.

They knew the local area well and saw good business opportunities including working with the Students’ Union at Worcester University, which has since proved very successful.

“We approached Pizza Hut Delivery and, as part of the application process put together our business plan, which was accepted. The rest, as they say, is history. We opened our outlet in 2008, and haven’t looked back.”

Although they had been in the industry for several years by the time they opened their own store, Jon and Jamie still found there was so much to learn.

“The support from Pizza Hut Delivery from the very beginning has been fantastic,” says Jamie, “The Pizza Hut Delivery Franchise Manager is always available at the end of the phone.”

“We also went through an intensive 12-week training course in another store before opening our own.”

“This was an invaluable experience in terms of ‘learning on the job’ and sharing insight from people who had already been through the same process.”

The key to their success.

Although many people are cautious about going into business with family members, Jon and Jamie say it has proved to be the perfect partnership.

“We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and sometimes we don’t even need to say out loud who will get on with which job, and what we will each be doing.”

“We’re lucky we have the perfect business partnership!”

It’s a formula that’s worked so well that the brothers hope to open more units in the future.