Case Study: Zul Chagani

After 12 years, Pizza Hut Delivery’s first franchisee continues to expand business.

Zul Chagani became Pizza Hut Delivery’s first UK franchisee when he opened his store in Northwood, London, in 2001. Zul began his career opening a successful coffee shop in North West London and was considering expanding into a chain, but decided that opening a franchise outlet would be a safer and more successful option.

“I decided that what I really wanted was to be part of a powerful brand.”

“I looked around at options available, but just thought the Pizza Hut brand cannot be beaten. At the time, the Pizza Hut dine-in restaurants had already become extremely popular, and successfully established the Pizza Hut brand in the UK. I therefore thought it would be the perfect option for a franchise business.”

As Pizza Hut Delivery’s first franchisee, the brand’s franchisee business has evolved dramatically since Zul opened his first unit in Northwood.

“When I opened my first store, the franchise business was all very new to both myself and to Pizza Hut. It was starting from scratch on both sides, but I always had great support from the Pizza Hut Delivery team and we learnt a lot together.”

Zul was quick to realise success and his profits more than trebled within a few years. Today, Zul runs five Pizza Hut Delivery units and sits on the board of the Pizza Hut Delivery Franchise Council.

“The Pizza Hut Delivery Franchise Council is just one arm of the brand’s extensive
support network,” says Zul.

“We act as a sort of ‘middle man’ between Pizza Hut Delivery the brand, and the franchisees. It’s an important channel of great interaction which allows franchisees to make suggestions and voice concerns. It works really well to ensure everyone’s opinions are heard, and helps the brand to grow.”

Zul has also set his sights on opening more stores. “I would like to open new stores in the future and am currently exploring options.”

“Pizza Hut Delivery is currently running a great incentive scheme which I’m hoping to be able to take advantage of, as it’s a great business opportunity.”

The key to his success

Zul says it’s all about loving your product, “One of the reasons I was interested in the Pizza Hut brand in the first place was because my family love the pizzas. When I was first looking for a franchise, my children were little and they were always crazy for Pizza Hut.”

“It’s definitely been important for my success that we all still enjoy the product as much as we did twelve years ago.”